Ego VS Soul.


There are some people out there that hold a belief that if you have a ‘big ego’ you’re over confident, arrogant and very self-centred. An easy way to know if your ego is in-control is to ask yourself a simple question;

– Do i feel superior to others?

– Do i feel inferior to others?

At any given time of your life, if the answer is yes then i can confirm that your ego has taken over. Ego is one hell of a thing and it lives off emotions, it can also push you to do somethings in which may have good intentions behind it but isn’t genuine for example; helping a homeless person on the street by providing them with money or food but videoing it just to “show” that you’re doing something kind. That isn’t a genuine act of kindness thats a need to boost your ego with validation of others to show that you got it to give and that you’re giving. Your ego is everything that describes you, the image you have of yourself. Like i’ve stated before, your ego lives off emotions, your ego THOUGHTS also lives off emotions which causes you to focus on the negatives such as jealousy, hurt, disappointments and anger etc… I’ve learnt that according to your ego, your sense of self worth is very dependant on external circumstances and thats why in some cases you find that you’re comparing yourself to others or the feeling of being elevated from gossiping about other people and pointing out their flaws and what they lack compared to you. Another one that our generation is faced with daily is comparing yourself to someone who YOU feel are better than you, got more money or can afford certain things, happier than you. Also comparing yourself to those YOU feel are less than you in those aspects as well. Your ego will run with the worst case scenario instead of considering ALL options whereas the soul is the complete opposite, your ego is there to protect your soul.


Your soul is infinite.

Your soul is your true self, behind the titles and what you use to describe yourself. Your soul is precious and highly valuable and your body was born as your soul, you will FOREVER be YOUR soul. It has experienced so much hence why you get gut feelings, your inner voice, intuitions, vibes etc.. everything you want to know or you go through is self-explanatory, you just need to get in touch with your inner-self and dive deep. Your soul wants you to evolve! Seek knowledge, learn new things and grow your soul needs it to carry onto your next life. Your job on earth is to learn, experience and ENJOY! Your soul wants you to enjoy life to the fullest regardless of your circumstances instead of seeking a reason to enjoy and be happy and once you’ve mastered that perception, your life will do a 360 turn where you will be grateful for everything in your life instead of seeking a reason. Your soul is genuine so it doesn’t seek validation or recognition, good act you display must come back to you and multiply.

I’ve learnt that there isn’t one broken person on this earth, it all comes down to lack of self-love and acceptance which is a reflection of your soul. Everything that is happening in your life, every person that is in your life is here for a reason and for YOU. They’re here to help evolve you, to help you discover more about yourself and to improve yourself as a SOULful being. Your whole life is in you’re control, everything is down to you from the decisions you make, the path you choose to take, the way you feel, talk and think. Do you know that we’re powerful beings? Your soul wants nothing but the best for you, for you to be the best version of yourself. Your soul is your spirit, your essence and once again, YOUR TRUE SELF!

Published by Shanshaniese

Express to release from within, hold nothing back and feel free. 💎 I express from experience whether it be from myself or those around me. I also share my opinion on selected subjects in which i wish to share with you. Hope you enjoy 🌹

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