Do you love yourself?

Do you?

Do you absolutely admire yourself? And I’m not talking physically, we’ll get back to that.

Do you know yourself to love yourself? Because to know yourself, your true self is to love yourself, know your worth and ACT ACCORDINGLY. When you know yourself you will cater to yourself FIRST & the way you should. You know what you like from what you don’t like, your body will inform you. If you don’t feel good in any way could be because your giving yourself things you don’t want whether it be the people in your life (those who you THINK you need), positions in your life such as jobs, career paths, things that could be influenced by others which isn’t what you truly want. Simple things like forcing yourself to go to a job you don’t like just because it pays your way through life isn’t you putting yourself first. It’s understandable because bills won’t pay themselves so you will need a job but why you torturing yourself by FORCEFULLY attending a job that you don’t like just because it pays your way. Why don’t you look into something that you’re into? Something you will enjoy? That way it won’t even feel like a job because you’re doing something you enjoy.

How do you expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself?

And when I say love yourself I mean are you kind to yourself? Patient? Gentle? Do you put yourself first? Do you cater to your needs? Do you listen to yourself? Your heart, soul and body? Are you able to forgive yourself genuinely? Do you protect yourself? Your soul, your heart, your whole being?

I can’t stress enough how important you are. You come first, always! So it’s so important to love yourself unconditionally and let your soul flourish then your physical will come after. When you’re shinning from within it will show on the outside too. Like I said in my recent post “your soul wants the best for you”.

You have to love yourself in order to give the best version of yourself in any aspect of your life whether it be with your family, relationship, friendship, work colleagues etc.. to love yourself is to know that you’re a whole individual, you don’t need to have someone to make you whole or complete, you’re complete all by yourself. You was made perfectly as an individual. To love yourself is to never settle for less than you deserve! Don’t let ANYONE dim your light, as a matter of fact you are the light, don’t ever lower your standards for another, your standards should be as high as your confidence and love for yourself.



Learn to love every inch of your body, you were made perfectly, you’re unique there’s no one like you! When you feel good on the inside it will also show on the outside, you tend to take care of yourself more such as pampering yourself, taking care of your body with spa treatments & massage, Pampering yourself, taking yourself out on dates, spoiling yourself (which will also teach you not to be dependant on someone else to do it for you). You can show love to yourself in so many different ways and you will know it’s right if it genuinely FEELS right, if it makes your soul happy!


Love yourself, always. 💕

Published by Shanshaniese

Express to release from within, hold nothing back and feel free. 💎 I express from experience whether it be from myself or those around me. I also share my opinion on selected subjects in which i wish to share with you. Hope you enjoy 🌹

3 thoughts on “Do you love yourself?

  1. Dear Shannon shaniese I have enjoyed reading your blog and it also makes me starting thinking differently thank you 🙏👍🏿😀

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