Love languages

What is a love language?

Love languages are the different ways people express their love or like to receive love. Everyone has their own ways of feeling loved and appreciated. To understand ones love language is to live a happy and fulfilled life with your loved ones. I am about to explain the 5 love languages for you and by this you’ll be able to identify your own & loved ones around you 💋

1. Words of affirmations: This is an expression through words that builds up a person. The simplest words of affirmation can have a big impact on a person and can mean so much to someone. Despite the phrase “Actions speak louder than WORDS” there are people out there that thrive of words, compliments & comments.

2. Acts of service: Now the phrase “ACTIONS speaks louder than words” means a lot more to a person who’s love language is acts of service. They may show their love or get confirmation of love from another by doing things that one likes, it could even be the simplest thing like cleaning up after that person or making sure they come home to cooked food and a set bath after a long day of work. You can feel it if these acts of services are genuine and full of happiness and positivity, that’s when it holds the most value.

3. Receiving gifts: Some people like to receive or award gifts to show appreciation, this love language isn’t necessarily materialistic but rather being thoughtful. It doesn’t even have to be anything flashy, you could buy that person their favourite food or drink or give them a souvenir for keepsakes.

4. Quality Time: Undivided attention can mean the world to some, no distractions just you and that person being their main focus or even taking one out on a date, a pamper session with each other. That one-to-one interaction is always healthy.

5. Physical touch: Feeling connected and safe in the arms of another person. It could be as simple as holding hands, cuddling up with each other, kissing and touching. If this is a persons primary love language they could feel unloved if it’s something they’re lacking.

I personally appreciate physical touch & words of affirmation more than the rest. I love to be in the arms of my partner or simply being around my loved ones, I am the clingy type lol and I LOVE LOVE LOVE when I am being encouraged through words, exchange in feelings through words and when loved ones expresses on a deeper level.

What’s your Love Language?

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Express to release from within, hold nothing back and feel free. 💎 I express from experience whether it be from myself or those around me. I also share my opinion on selected subjects in which i wish to share with you. Hope you enjoy 🌹

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