Selfish VS Self-full

Selfish VS Self-full


Selfish – (Of a person, action or motive) lacking consideration for other people, concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.


Self-full So because ‘self-full isn’t actually a word with a solid definition, i’m making up my own to my understanding & knowledge.

The ability to balance the needs and wants of oneself as well as taking others into consideration. Caring for a person’s well-being and health wholeheartedly and soulfully.


To be selfish isn’t all negative if you think about it in a positive way, its mainly about putting yourself first, always. But there are negatives aspects as-well such as lacking consideration for other, they’re very egotistic (i wrote about ego in a previous post, Ego VS Soul and self-centred, they don’t notice much unless it has something if not everything to do with them. They have mastered the ability to put themselves first, their main priority is taking care of their wants and needs. It can come across as a negative trait as it can cause people to move further from you as you’re all about yourself.


To be self-full, you’re making sure your needs and wants are met as well as the next person. You’re highly considerate of another’s wellbeing, you’re acting without thinking about how you could profit or how it could benefit you. Acting from the heart and soul instead of the ego.

A self-full characteristic promotes a happy and positive lifestyle, being optimistic about anything and everything even in the hardest of times.


The best expression i like to use is the half full, half empty phrase (are you optimistic or pessimistic)

You have a glass of water that is filled up halfway, A selfish or pessimist would say the glass of water is half empty, in other words this person feels like they’re making a big sacrifice by giving you a glass of water in the first place despite giving you a half empty glass of water.

An optimist would say the glass of water is half full, they’re happy to be giving and it wont be given at the expense of ones happiness or wellbeing.

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