The healing

Accept that nothing is forever but comfort for your feelings. It is a coping mechanism to scream ‘forever’ with someone you connect soulfully with. That doesn’t mean they’re your soul mate. All souls are energy and all energy is connected but some people are not in-tuned.

This is a year of healing.

A year of moulding yourself into a better version.

A year of not taking everything so personal.

unfortunately no-one tells you how lonely it can be because not everyone understands it. You have to teach yourself how to be okay with being alone and allowing yourself to feel the emotions on a bad day but also picking yourself up right after! – don’t dwell on the bad and on the negative emotions “after the storm theres a calm”. Being okay with saying no to the things you don’t want to do and to those you don’t want to speak to. Isolation can be unhealthy but at the same time it is necessary, you do need time for self from time to time.

Here are some ways i personally used to help my healing process;

1. Acceptance: I had to accept everything and everyone that has ever hurt me, accept the process of dealing with the negative emotions and the process of healing, accept what’s done is done and that nothing can be done about it now. Accepting that not everyone has a heart like mine, accepting that not everyone loves like me so they wont hurt like me. Accept that everyone deals with things differently and that my feelings are always valid because i feel them.

2. Triggers: Being highly aware of what triggers you, if you are able to face it in order to get over it and accept it, Well done you and you’re on the road to fast recovery, if you can’t face it then i would advice to avoid it as much as you can until you feel that you’re ready.

3. Purpose: Find ways to nurture your goals whether it be writing down your plans & goals and putting action into place, give yourself a reason outside of the hurting & trauma’s, a reason to be excited, motivated and to push forward.

4. Teachings & Inspirations: Get inspired by listening to self-help podcasts, videos, Books. Make a list of affirmations you can read daily and believe in them! Practice what you learnt and align with, your feelings don’t lie!

5. Share LOVE! I don’t know about you but even in my low days, spreading love in anyway i can makes a difference and makes me feel good. It doesn’t cost you anything to share love, what you give you will receive back without a doubt ❤️

I respect that everyone has their own way of dealing with things, i thought id share what works for me. I haven’t completely mastered it all but i can confidently say i see a positive change in the way i think, feel and act.

Most importantly, embrace your healing process. It will mould you into a different version of you that you probably cant see right now but it will be the best version of yourself and once you come out the other end you will never look back. I’m not saying you wont have bad days or face hardships but your approach will be different and you will be able to manage it.

I hope i made a difference, stay FABULOUS!

Published by Shanshaniese

Express to release from within, hold nothing back and feel free. 💎 I express from experience whether it be from myself or those around me. I also share my opinion on selected subjects in which i wish to share with you. Hope you enjoy 🌹

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