A rose that grew from concrete 🌹

I often face hardships. Ive programmed myself to hope for the best but expect the worst not knowing I’m creating the worst with my mind. I have a habit of over-staying in dark places that i wont grow from, feeling sorry for myself. I often think myself into darkness once I’ve learnt to climb outContinue reading “A rose that grew from concrete 🌹”

Selfish VS Self-full

Selfish VS Self-full   Selfish – (Of a person, action or motive) lacking consideration for other people, concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.   Self-full – So because ‘self-full isn’t actually a word with a solid definition, i’m making up my own to my understanding & knowledge. The ability to balance theContinue reading “Selfish VS Self-full”

Emotional Intelligence

“Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal & professional success”. Emotional Intelligence starts with being self & socially aware of your emotions and its impact on yourself and of those around you. It also involves self reflection which is important as you’re bringing attention to whats happening in your day to day life inContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence”