Let go…

I don’t know who needs to hear this but there is so much power in letting go and letting things be. Whatever you’re holding onto could be doing you more damage than it would if you were to let it go. Why are you holding on? Maybe you invested so much time into it/them or in the name of love but there is nothing wrong in letting go and starting over. When you obsess over something/someone you could miss better opportunities or even lose yourself in the process. Letting go may hurt in the moment but I promise you in the long run you will see that it was the best decision made. There’s been many occasions where I’ve been obsessed with something or someone and I was hesitant to let go to then being forced to let go because something happened to then finding out it was for the best. Peace comes when you let go.

Nothing is worth holding on to if it’s making you unhappy or disturbing your peace.

Protect your sanity 🌹

Prayer for you.

I prayed for you to be healed and your heart to be mended. I pray that you receive everything you desire in abundance, I pray that whenever you’re feeling down and out you find the courage to build back your strength to go on and know that pain and setbacks are temporary. I pray for you to trust yourself more because only you know what’s best for YOU. Take control of every situation in your life with confidence and pride.

I pray for love.

I pray for you.

Hurt, Healing & Relationships

“If you’re hurting you shouldn’t be dating”.

What can you really offer someone when you’re hurting?

Have you noticed when your heart is broken it affects everything you do? You lack motivation, you don’t feel yourself, it effects your perspective, views & how you feel about others, yourself and certain situations.

In fact, if you’re hurting you should be taking the time out to heal yourself, get right with YOU. When your heart is broken and you’re trying to love a significant other all you’re doing is taking from that person. You’re not in any position to be giving.

“Hurt people, hurt people”.

Like I’m constantly saying in my previous posts, “you receive what you believe” so don’t you think the more you’re screaming “men are trash or women ain’t shit” you’re attracting just that? As long as you’re putting your energy into it you will receive whatever it is. People don’t just become “trash” there is always a reason behind it, there is always a hidden message behind every emotion so instead of demeaning others, understand that just like you they’ve been through something which shifted their perspective and views on love/relationships.


Do you understand how selfish it is to jump into a new relationship straight after a previous relationship? It’s like covering an open wound without treating it which can cause infections which can be worse than the original wound. TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELVES, ITS NECESSARY, ITS NEEDED.

The healing process isn’t easy!

It can be lonely, hard, you can easily fall back into old habits for comfort and it can be painful but it is so necessary in order for you to heal and move on and if you don’t, every other relationship you try to build on could lead to a disaster. Here are some steps I’m confident in knowing can help;

Acknowledge & Honor your pain: To avoid your pain is to increase it and this is how break downs happen, you’re so focused on ignoring your feelings and just ‘getting on with it’. Allow yourself to feel EVERYTHING, time and patience are key within the healing process.

Reaching out: To others either a professional, family or friends of the same sex

Take a break: Distract your mind from time to time by doing something you enjoy could really the process such as; reading, journaling, tuning into podcast that can raise your vibrations, watching motivational videos, shopping, dancing.. anything that makes you feel good!

Learn from it: Having the attitude of learning will allow you to appreciate the value within the experience, it will also teach you about time and patience and what to from what not to do for future reference.

Move on: stop allowing the hurt and suffering to define you, you’re not what you’re going through. Pain is never permanent although in the moment it feels as if it is. It robs your happiness and living. There is so much power in moving on and letting things be for your own sake and sanity.

Trust the process, always.

It can be beautiful  

Do you love yourself?

Do you?

Do you absolutely admire yourself? And I’m not talking physically, we’ll get back to that.

Do you know yourself to love yourself? Because to know yourself, your true self is to love yourself, know your worth and ACT ACCORDINGLY. When you know yourself you will cater to yourself FIRST & the way you should. You know what you like from what you don’t like, your body will inform you. If you don’t feel good in any way could be because your giving yourself things you don’t want whether it be the people in your life (those who you THINK you need), positions in your life such as jobs, career paths, things that could be influenced by others which isn’t what you truly want. Simple things like forcing yourself to go to a job you don’t like just because it pays your way through life isn’t you putting yourself first. It’s understandable because bills won’t pay themselves so you will need a job but why you torturing yourself by FORCEFULLY attending a job that you don’t like just because it pays your way. Why don’t you look into something that you’re into? Something you will enjoy? That way it won’t even feel like a job because you’re doing something you enjoy.

How do you expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself?

And when I say love yourself I mean are you kind to yourself? Patient? Gentle? Do you put yourself first? Do you cater to your needs? Do you listen to yourself? Your heart, soul and body? Are you able to forgive yourself genuinely? Do you protect yourself? Your soul, your heart, your whole being?

I can’t stress enough how important you are. You come first, always! So it’s so important to love yourself unconditionally and let your soul flourish then your physical will come after. When you’re shinning from within it will show on the outside too. Like I said in my recent post “your soul wants the best for you”.

You have to love yourself in order to give the best version of yourself in any aspect of your life whether it be with your family, relationship, friendship, work colleagues etc.. to love yourself is to know that you’re a whole individual, you don’t need to have someone to make you whole or complete, you’re complete all by yourself. You was made perfectly as an individual. To love yourself is to never settle for less than you deserve! Don’t let ANYONE dim your light, as a matter of fact you are the light, don’t ever lower your standards for another, your standards should be as high as your confidence and love for yourself.



Learn to love every inch of your body, you were made perfectly, you’re unique there’s no one like you! When you feel good on the inside it will also show on the outside, you tend to take care of yourself more such as pampering yourself, taking care of your body with spa treatments & massage, Pampering yourself, taking yourself out on dates, spoiling yourself (which will also teach you not to be dependant on someone else to do it for you). You can show love to yourself in so many different ways and you will know it’s right if it genuinely FEELS right, if it makes your soul happy!


Love yourself, always. 💕

Dear Self,

I apologise. I apologise for everything I put you through, the self torture, lack in love, not appreciating yourself enough to know you’re worth so much and more, not loving yourself unconditionally, not always putting yourself first. I apologise for allowing you to cry yourself to sleep most nights and face the day like nothing happened because that is building you up for a break down. I apologise for allowing you to settle for less than you deserve in the name of everything. For not pushing you to your highest abilities, for allowing you to stay comfortable. I want you to know that I love you and we will get there. I promised you a fabulous year but I cannot promise you that you won’t have a few set backs on the way. You need them to learn and come back stronger, you’ve survived so much why would you want to give up now? You’re so loving towards others why can’t you love yourself the same x1000? You’re worth is unmatchable, indescribable. You’re perfect in my eyes.

When you’re in a bad headspace you tend to stay there and allow it to eat you up. STOP IT! Learn to grow from these situations and don’t let it eat you up, you’re better than that.

Stay prayed up, meditate and show gratitude regardless of how you’re feeling. Stop allowing the action of others to shift your mood, stop taking things so personal & FOCUS ON YOU. If you focused on the positives in your life instead of the negative, don’t you know how much you could accomplish? Stop feeding into the negative. Take time out if you need it, go at your own pace and trust yourself, love yourself & appreciate yourself more!

I love you ❤️

From yourself 🌹

You deserve..

You deserve to be loved, unconditionally.

You deserve to be appreciated.

You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to be treated with respect.

You deserve to be worshipped, you’re divine.

You deserve honesty.

You deserve the best, you’re perfect.

You deserve everything you desire in abundance.

You deserve peace.

You deserve passion.

You deserve patience.

You deserve loyalty.

You deserve LOVE!

Ego VS Soul.


There are some people out there that hold a belief that if you have a ‘big ego’ you’re over confident, arrogant and very self-centred. An easy way to know if your ego is in-control is to ask yourself a simple question;

– Do i feel superior to others?

– Do i feel inferior to others?

At any given time of your life, if the answer is yes then i can confirm that your ego has taken over. Ego is one hell of a thing and it lives off emotions, it can also push you to do somethings in which may have good intentions behind it but isn’t genuine for example; helping a homeless person on the street by providing them with money or food but videoing it just to “show” that you’re doing something kind. That isn’t a genuine act of kindness thats a need to boost your ego with validation of others to show that you got it to give and that you’re giving. Your ego is everything that describes you, the image you have of yourself. Like i’ve stated before, your ego lives off emotions, your ego THOUGHTS also lives off emotions which causes you to focus on the negatives such as jealousy, hurt, disappointments and anger etc… I’ve learnt that according to your ego, your sense of self worth is very dependant on external circumstances and thats why in some cases you find that you’re comparing yourself to others or the feeling of being elevated from gossiping about other people and pointing out their flaws and what they lack compared to you. Another one that our generation is faced with daily is comparing yourself to someone who YOU feel are better than you, got more money or can afford certain things, happier than you. Also comparing yourself to those YOU feel are less than you in those aspects as well. Your ego will run with the worst case scenario instead of considering ALL options whereas the soul is the complete opposite, your ego is there to protect your soul.


Your soul is infinite.

Your soul is your true self, behind the titles and what you use to describe yourself. Your soul is precious and highly valuable and your body was born as your soul, you will FOREVER be YOUR soul. It has experienced so much hence why you get gut feelings, your inner voice, intuitions, vibes etc.. everything you want to know or you go through is self-explanatory, you just need to get in touch with your inner-self and dive deep. Your soul wants you to evolve! Seek knowledge, learn new things and grow your soul needs it to carry onto your next life. Your job on earth is to learn, experience and ENJOY! Your soul wants you to enjoy life to the fullest regardless of your circumstances instead of seeking a reason to enjoy and be happy and once you’ve mastered that perception, your life will do a 360 turn where you will be grateful for everything in your life instead of seeking a reason. Your soul is genuine so it doesn’t seek validation or recognition, good act you display must come back to you and multiply.

I’ve learnt that there isn’t one broken person on this earth, it all comes down to lack of self-love and acceptance which is a reflection of your soul. Everything that is happening in your life, every person that is in your life is here for a reason and for YOU. They’re here to help evolve you, to help you discover more about yourself and to improve yourself as a SOULful being. Your whole life is in you’re control, everything is down to you from the decisions you make, the path you choose to take, the way you feel, talk and think. Do you know that we’re powerful beings? Your soul wants nothing but the best for you, for you to be the best version of yourself. Your soul is your spirit, your essence and once again, YOUR TRUE SELF!

You are what you think.

Its easy to spot things when its constantly on your mind like if you see a car on the road you like, you will see this particular car more often than usual.

An opportunity is more likely to come your way if you’re always thinking of opportunities.

Easy to point out flaws of the other person or even reasons to be mad with them if thats all you think about.

You become what you constantly think about, you attract it into your reality whether its good or bad, be mindful of what you think about. Watch yourself.

A letter to you 🌹

A letter to you 🌹


I wrote about you, at the age of 14 i wrote about you, inside and out. Maybe thats partly why i find it so hard to let go.

I described your soul, your well-being, your actions, your kindness, your love, i described you down to your bones and manifested you into my life. Its true when they say “when a writer falls in love with you, you can never die” i fell in love with you because i asked for you, i manifested you. You’re mine forever.

Nothing happens by accident nor do i regret anything that happened. I believe we got together to get a taste of each other, in that moment in time we needed each other, the love, the support, the power, the teachings.. the teaching i received from you gave me more power than i knew i had. You helped mould me into the person i am today and i show gratitude daily for the strength, the mindset and love. It hasn’t been all good but it wasn’t all bad. The good outweighs the bad because it was real but the bad was real bad, you understand? Ive practice gratitude in stronger ways which also forced me to accept the positive in situations, always. Never dwell on the negative because it will keep you there, i know from experience. I’ve lived in a dark space for years and got so used to it that it didn’t even seem dark. But you saw the darkness and loved me through it, thank you. You have ways of someone i know, maybe thats why i was drawn to you also from what i grew up on is what i asked for in you. To ask and believe is to receive, whether its what you believe you want or not. What i asked for within you wasn’t what i really wanted after experiencing it first hand but again i would like to thank you for that experience because we both learnt a valuable lesson out of it alongside those who experienced it with us. We both have some growing and healing to do as individuals. We’re both carrying a heavy weight from the past that left us traumatised, we’re both damaged in ways we cant explain, i needed you to see that I’m not perfect. I was so comfortable walking around pointing fingers blaming the next person not knowing i had a role to play. I still have a lot to learn but thank you for opening my eyes, opening my eyes to what i deserve. In the episode of it all i forgot that it weren’t all about me and that you was dealing with your own battles too. I was a selfish being but now I’m confident in changing that to say i am more self-full. Self-full enough to always put myself first!, self-full enough to make myself happy first, self-full enough to not stand strong in anything that defeats my purpose. You first said “if I’m not alright, nothing is alright”, till this day i stand by that. You made me experience some of the best days of my life and some of the worst, theres always a balance. I’ve been exposed to some things i wish to never face, never feel so i make it a priority to raise my vibration, always whenever i feel like I’m heading back down that road. I want to thank you for always loving me the best you know how, always supporting me, for keeping me balanced. I will always remember whats been said. I will always remember the love. I will always remember you. 🌹

The Start of something new

Welcome and thank you for joining me, this is a year of fulfilling your goals and stepping out of your comfort zone. Journaling, manifesting, visualising, working & accomplishing. A year of happiness and peace. Putting yourself and your mental health FIRST! I hope I can inspire those of you to push yourselves to your highest potential, to reach every goal you have set out for yourselves.